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Astır Plastik, works to ensure that your products reach the consumers in best conditions with safest and most healthy conditions.

Astır Plastik, having made a quick entry into the packaging industry, uses the most advanced technologies in the world for the bottled water sector and makes "better" production of caps for "less prices" in compliance with international standards.

Astır Plastik following the principle of respect for human beings and nature in service and production, realizes hygienic production for an excellent customer satisfaction, with world- class standards and infinite feeling of trust.

Astır Plastik, working with experienced and expert employees in their field, has the goal of being one of the industry's leading enterprises in short time thanks to its internal synergies in operation.

You only need to focus on your business. Rely on your product. Create solutions to deliver your product to the widest audience possible in the fastest way. Astır Plastik will handle the rest.

We will protect it in best conditions.





Being the pioneer of innovations and developments, creating customer loyalty with advantages of product and services.



Having a brand identity being globally preferred that continuously increases product and service quality.


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